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Lewis X Reader (Short)
Lewis (Yogscast) X Reader
PG 979
  "So, ______, Simon. How was your day?" Lewis began the minecraft video.
  "Hello Lewis. I'm doing... Fine actually. I got my uh... Realitive to join us."
  A new minecraft figure moved in front of Simon's and hit him.
  "I'm just a family now?! You prick!" Lewis began to laugh, oh his laugh...
  Truth be told, _______ had a crush on Lewis for more then a few months. Ever since that day Lewis and Simon went to visit her in Canada. (Fuck yeah)
  "So everyone, this is uh.. ________ I believe."
  "Shy talker aren't ya Lewis?"
  "Oh shoosh you and let me speak..! This is ________, an old friend of Simon. And Simon here isn't the only Simon she knows. ALSO, Hannah was supposed to be here but.. things came up so here's _______!"
  "Wait what... WAIT THERES ANOTHER ME? You're saying, theres another me that ________ knows?!"
  "Creepy." Duncan chipped in.
  "It's amazing!" Everyone started to laugh.
:iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 6 2
Mature content
Internet Love (Bodil40 X Reader LEMON) :iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 82 155
Why not..?(Enemy!SkyDoesMinecraft X Male!Reader)
  You're name is ____, a simple male who wishes nothing but to meet Sky. You did not CARE if you were in the squid army! You did care about what Sky would think of you. You've seen him around lately in the waters to kill the attack squids to summon the Kraken.
  No matter how many squids he killer or hated, you still knew love when you've seen it.
  "STUPID SQUID!" Sky screamed as he began to lose to attack squids. There being three groups around him and the blindness they gave him making it even more difficult. You began to swim, you were a normal human, just had squid abilities.
  You saw as he changed into an animal that wouldn't survive in the water, and worry fell onto you as you began to move closer as his moves began to fad.
  He floated into your arms, blushing a bit, you began to move towards the shore, squids stopping and looking at you in shock.
  A tentacle wrapped itself around your ankle, it was your mother, her hair like blue tentacles were
:iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 55 10
One Kiss? (H20DeliriousXReader)
  "(n/n)~?" Delirious called into his microphone.
  Right now, you and Delirious were playin Hide 'N Seek with Vanoss, Nogla, and the usual gang he played with.
  "Where are you~?" Delirious held in his 'creepy' laugh. In all honesty, you thought it was such a cute laugh! But, he was seeking you, and you were hiding with Vanoss in his one spot away from their range of eye-sight.
  "Nnnnno where.." You and Vanoss began to laugh as Delirious began to enter and exit the room they were in.
  "____, are you cheating on me?!" He joked, seeing you and Vanoss huddled in a corner together.
  "I love you!"
  "Sorry, man! You're girl loves me more~!!" Vanoss chuckled and then screamed 'Oh No! Run' when Delirious walked closed, only to jump above him and get tagged.
 "Fu-hahaha-ck!" You're boyfriends bestie cursed.
 "Don't curse, brother. You hear me, eh?" You scolded your brother like friend.
  "JUST TAG 'ER ALREAD'A!" Nogla yelled as he ran into
:iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 246 40
Mature content
(Dying! reader X Bodil40) -Sad-Fic- :iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 19 19
A Cutie-poo what? (Reader X SimonHDS90)
  "I'll carry on~ I'll Carry~ Even though you're dead and gone, believe me your memory will carry o-"
  "Awww~ Is my little  singing a song whioe cooking?" An all t familiar laugh rung out in the kitchen. "Yes. Because I love the little weird Vantas."
  Now, with you (county) accent, and Simon not listeing and looking at the white stains on your apron, the word 'Vantas' that came from your mouth, sounded like 'Vanoss'. Your bulgarian boyfriend froze, and jealousy over took him. Well he may not be your OFFICAL boyfriend, but you were not ALLOWED to say you love someone other than him and Bodil.
  Bodil was an acception because he knew Bodil had an eye on another, less popular, youtuber.
  Simon's eyes narrowed, and he layed a had on your hip, causing a small yelp from you he love, pulling you away from flipping a pancake. He presed you against him and ithout thinking, he smelt your intoxicating scent of cinnomin and apples, and looked at your shocked (s/c)
:iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 63 19
LOVE ME (Double X Reader)
  "Hey you guys! My names Double and I'm here with- AAAAH DUN TOUCH MEH ;-;"
  Right now, you were playing hide and seek with Double and his friends, sad thing was that Double's video didn't record so he had to do a last minute video. Meaning you were invited as well.
  "Because, I couldn't live without you. Ryan, I LOVE YOU."
  With that, the five of you began to laugh uncontrolable.
  "I'm sorry I love someone else.."
  As soon as he said that he turned a corner and found you crouched into the corner.
  "(F/NNNNNN)~" Double crouched as well, slowly moving towards you.
  "mmmMMMMMM NOPE." You ran to the side, going in circles, making a zig zag line trying to lose Double.
  He started to laugh weird with the same voice, you yelled as you saw your running meter was down.
  "LOVE MEEEE (F/N)!!"
:iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 56 3
Internet Crush (Bodil40 x reader)
(A/N) HEY YOU GUYS. I'm back, for good, promise. I've been doin' a lil' research 'nd practicing my writing skillz cause i use to write like a little kid... So yeah, enjoy, leave a comment below 'nd tell me how much you love or hate it so I know to make more or not. And I may or may not respond, but I'll try ENJOOY
May have language.
  "It was like 10 minutes long," a voice from the glowing screen came, along with a few chuckles and the main voice started to laugh their unique laugh, "Not what she said!" A small, tired giggle came from soft pink lips.
   If only you could play with him, laugh with him, or even say a simple 'Hi' to him- And who is 'him' you may ask... A youtuber that was named Martin, but went by Bodil. It wasn't like you didn't know him or anything! Far from that, you, (F/N) (L/N), were the little cousin of Double, or Ryan. You have joined in into their chats before, but someone
:iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 114 70
Masky Paperchiillldd~ by BlackButler0312 Masky Paperchiillldd~ :iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 1 0 Levi Paperchillld~ by BlackButler0312 Levi Paperchillld~ :iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 2 0 BEN paperchillllld~ by BlackButler0312 BEN paperchillllld~ :iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 2 0
Hetalia X Reader : School Life 2
    You felt something heavy on your chest. You opened your eyes to see a (f/c) ceiling, your eyes traveled down to your chest. Midnight blue hair was the first thing you saw. You sighed as you realized you were in your room. You sat up, sliding KK's head to the side. KK groans softly and hides under the black sheets. You got up, still in uniform, looking around. You saw a bunch of books on KK's desk. You looked at her, seeing her asleep. You opened one of the books and your chest stated to hurt. KK was stading next to you. "Why are you being noisy? Sista?" She asked tilting her head. She held your arm, smiling. She grabbed a bunch of her books and put it in a wooden chest, locking it and wearing the key around her neck.
"I wish for you not to look at any of my belongings, please sista?" She said and walked out of the room, this time with a ligbt blue dress. You sighed and dusted yourself off, walkibg out of the room, bump
:iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 6 1
Hetalia X Reader : School Life

      You are ______ _______. Right now you were on your way to your new school. As you stared out the window of the plane you imagine that the school was going MM to be filled with snobby rich kids. You sighed and looked next to you. It was you sister, she had long midnight blue hair and emotionless black eyes. You smiled and patted her head laying your head back. Lets see if you can get some sleep...
"Sista... sista." A faint voice said, you slowly opened your eyes to see your sisters black eyes. You smiled and whispered, "Are we there?" She nodded as men were taking both of your stuff out of the plane. She followed on of them with brown hair and mixed colored eyes. You followed far behind tired, you were suddenly awaken by bright light. You rubbed your eyes and what was before you.
A giant town. You looked around to see in the center of the town, a big pole wi
:iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 7 3
Sober Gamzee.... HONK by BlackButler0312 Sober Gamzee.... HONK :iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 1 0
Mature content
boogeyman America X reader(testing voice command) :iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 11 0
Mature content
Boogie man! (AmericaXReader Horrorfic) :iconblackbutler0312:BlackButler0312 19 27


Fortune Cookie - Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader Part 1
You are (y/n) (l/n) and the manager of Seirin High's basketball team. Actually, you were looking for a girl's basketball team, but there was only a boy's basketball team. Since you're always interested in basketball, you were working as a manager.
But the other reason why you attended this school was because of your crush, Kuroko Tetsuya, from Teiko middle school was attending here. He's in your class and you always loved his behaviour and how kind he is.
Every day is the same special day for you because you can spend your time with Kuroko. It's not like you don't have the courage to confess your love to him but you were scared that he loves Momoi Satsuki instead, the girl who also loves him. Everybody already noticed that you're in love with Kuroko, but Kuroko is the only one who doesn't realize it.
Your POV
Today the boys were practising hard as usual; So, I had an idea to reward them.
“Riko-senpai, should we treat the boys for their hard work?'' I asked.
“It's a good ide
:iconkei-makoto97:Kei-Makoto97 56 27
Cosplay Friday: Harry Potter


Cosplay Friday: Better Than Butterbeer

By spotted
Harry Potter Lumos by aggestardust
Read More

Nothing says happy holidays like the magic of Harry Potter!

by Antiquity-Dreams
Witches, wizards, and muggles alike grab your wands and get ready for the Sorting
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 300 170
PewDiePie: A Sexy Bro-Fist by ChikaneUchiha666
Mature content
PewDiePie: A Sexy Bro-Fist :iconchikaneuchiha666:ChikaneUchiha666 2 2
Sad Fluttershy by Silverfox057 Sad Fluttershy :iconsilverfox057:Silverfox057 265 9 Random Comic #1 - The Great and Powerful Failure by Dori-to Random Comic #1 - The Great and Powerful Failure :icondori-to:Dori-to 627 241 Do You Love Me? by WillisNinety-Six Do You Love Me? :iconwillisninety-six:WillisNinety-Six 2,075 276 Big Mac Best Friend Forever by Dori-to Big Mac Best Friend Forever :icondori-to:Dori-to 2,047 360 Five more minutes by Mayuen Five more minutes :iconmayuen:Mayuen 904 336 Element of Generosity part 1 by juanrock Element of Generosity part 1 :iconjuanrock:juanrock 998 92 where is luna? by juanrock where is luna? :iconjuanrock:juanrock 1,587 266 Celestial Memories by Zackira Celestial Memories :iconzackira:Zackira 810 181 MLP Origins: Derpy Hooves by Zackira MLP Origins: Derpy Hooves :iconzackira:Zackira 360 139 Thou shall Derp by Zackira Thou shall Derp :iconzackira:Zackira 413 70 Trollestia Strikes Again by Zackira Trollestia Strikes Again :iconzackira:Zackira 2,061 434 Model Making Mishaps by treez123 Model Making Mishaps :icontreez123:treez123 1,753 397 White Eclipse by WillisNinety-Six White Eclipse :iconwillisninety-six:WillisNinety-Six 2,848 757


So, I'm mad and disappointed in myself.
I mean, C'mon.

I'm like: special shit imma do for you guys!!
And then: haha later... I'll type it latttterr

But this is an update with people who actually take the time to read my journals and holy fuCK.

So, I'm gonna say this now:

What I have done so far is a Lewis X Reader, several drabbles, and the only think in my Delirious X reader lemon is "Found out his name was Lewis..."
And I think i dunno I heard wrong and dunno that was like 4 months ago?
Then there's a lemon and it says "the dude and the girl fuckex"

I have no clue..

I was doing a VanossGaming X reader and checked it and it said:

Why the fuck does that say Vanessa...
It's Vanoss...
Phone wtf

What the hell am I doing while I'm typing.

also got like a jealous valentine Bodil x reader
Got a Sugawara Koushi X Reader.

So that's what I got so far, comment down below if you have questions or requests. Thank you.

Have a goodnight/morning/day.
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